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Damian Horan
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Accidents at work claims

  • Quarter of a million in compensation obtained for client following accident at work

    Moore Blatch recovered £250,000 in personal injury compensation for our client following an accident with a fork lift truck which left him with serious fractures to his leg. As a result of the injuries sustained he lost his job and had to consider retraining.


  • £200,000 obtained for carpenter involved in accident at work

    Moore Blatch acted for a client, who was employed as a carpenter. He attended a site at Richmond Hill to install a cold room. In the course of unloading materials from a flatbed lorry he fell and sustained personal injury as a consequence of his employer, using incorrect ratchet straps to secure the load. He […]


  • Loss of eye following accident at work

    Our client sustained a significant injury to his eye as a result of an accident at work. As our client attempted to remove a screw from an old corrugated iron roof, a fragment of the screw came off and went into our client’s left eye. We took over conduct of our client’s case from another […]


  • Accident at work

    Our client was at work when she sat down on her office chair. The chair collapsed and she fell to the floor. As a result of the accident she fractured her coccyx, leaving her in excruciating pain. Our client has recently undergone surgery to remove a floating piece of her coccyx, but at the age […]