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John Hedley
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  • Dermatitis


Dermatitis is a type of eczema that can cause red, itchy and scaly skin, and sometimes burning and stinging. It leads to skin becoming blistered, dry and cracked. It can affect any part of the body but most commonly affects the hands.

There are certain conditions within workplaces that have been known to cause dermatitis or make a person’s condition worse who already suffers from dermatitis or eczema, usually related to an individual coming into contact with particular substances.

Some common causes of dermatitis include coolants, oils, dyes, plants and fungi as well as frequent contact with water.  There are certain professions that are more at risk than others including:

  • Kitchen workers,
  • Hospital staff
  • Manufacturing or factory workers
  • Hairdressers
  • Cleaners
  • Printers
  • Engineers

If you have experienced dermatitis as a result of your working environment, you could be entitled to compensation. Reaching a favourable outcome is of the utmost importance to our personal injury team. We utilise a wealth of knowledge, skills and resources to take an assertive stance in advocating for your best interests.