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We understand what a difficult time it is when you or a family member or friend has suffered a serious personal injury.

You will have many questions, not least about how you go about selecting a suitable and experienced personal injury lawyer and then what to expect once you start the process to claim compensation.

We have produced a series of videos to explain many of the key questions that we get asked as well as to help you understand what to expect when you appoint Moore Blatch to act for you. Please use the category links below to view the relevant video content:

Bailey Mackenzie: A client case study

This short video tells Mackenzie Bailey’s unique story whereby the injuries he sustained were as a result of a road traffic accident that occurred before he was born. His mother was involved in a road traffic accident and Mackenzie was later diagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident.


Paul Runacres: A client case study

Take a moment to hear from Paul Runacres, one of our clients who suffered a serious brain injury as well as other injuries in the first video. Together with his wife Sue, they explain how they were affected by Paul’s accident and the role that Moore Blatch played to help Paul, Sue and their family with Paul’s rehabilitation and to secure compensation.





Dan Pitt: The road to recovery

Another client is Dan Pitt. Dan suffered a serious brain injury and spinal injuries as a result of a car accident. In this video Dan, his sister Leanne and his case manager Jo Jones tell us about the accident, Dan’s injuries and the role Moore Blatch Solicitors and Jo, the case manager, played in helping Dan on his road to recovery.